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We offer an array of sets that are sure to make your eyes pop!

Classic Sets & Fills
One  extension is applied to one natural lash


Classic Set




Volume Sets & Fills
A handmade fan is built from multiple, light weight extensions and applied to one natural lash for a fuller, fluffier look

lash 1.jpeg

Light Volume Set

Full Volume Set

1.5 hours

2.5 hours +



Full  Volume   Fill

1.5 hours


Model Set Pricing

(Done by students)

Classic Set -L1 Student 
3 hrs: 50

Hybrid Set L1 Student
3.5 hrs: 65

Volume Set L1 Student
4 hrs: 75

Classic Set -L2 Student
2.5 hrs: 60

Hybrid Set L2 Student
3.5 hrs: 75

Volume Set L2 Student
4 hrs: 85
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Lash Habit Consent Form

The below form is required for all clients who receive any lash service from Lash Habit and Lash Habit Academy. Should you have any questions/concerns about any eyelash service, please discuss with your physician.

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