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Lash Habit Academy

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 Lash Specialty License

Program Total: 5,000
Deposit: 1,000 (part of total cost)
Monthly payment: 350.00


This course is taught by Kellie who has 18 + years experience in lashing and had a fully staffed lash salon for 8 years. The classes are kept small to ensure plenty of one on one experience. Learn classic, volume, and hybrid styles as well as lash mapping, styling and more! We will also help you learn how to map out your own start up business, how to budget and set financial goals. Social media marketing and branding will also be covered in this course. 

Now Offering
Eyelash Extension Specialty License through TDLR!


Read more about the lash specialty license on TDLR website  with QR code.

LHA Mission

The mission of Lash Habit Academy is to empower and equip every student with the ability to perform the application of eyelash extensions with superior skill and to be successful leaders of this industry,


LHA Vision

The vision of Lash Habit Academy is to ensure a safe, fun and professional learning environment for students to learn the application and profession of lash extensions and to graduate from the program as leaders in the industry.

About the Owner

Kellie Buckingham is a licensed esthetician since 2003. She has been practicing the art of lash extensions since 2005. In 2013 she opened Vanity Room Lash Bar and changed the name later to Lash Habit. She has been training and certifying students to do lashes since 2013. She loves the ability to empower women to become successful in the industry and changing lives one student at a time.


Admissions Requirements

 Must be 17 years of age at completion of course Must present a photo of yourself. (1 1/2 by 1 1/2 in size) Must submit non- refundable deposit ($1000.00) Must submit the required fee for the state written examination Must submit the required fee for the state practical examination Must submit license fee upon passing the written and practical exams.

Rules and Regulations

All students must adhere to the following rules: • Show good moral and ethical conduct, in a professional manner toward school personnel, fellow students and clients. • Report to class on time, appearing professionally with proper attire, tools and supplies.. Dress code: all black, clothes to appropriately cover body. No short shorts or crop tops . • Maintain sanitary and orderly work areas and supplies at all times. • Students must reserve time to come in person and sign in and out when coming in person. • Perform all assignments and services with your best efforts. • Maintain a 70% average minimum and complete all assignments. • Students are required to schedule models to practice on when attending unless the school can provide a model.

Tuition and Fee Schedule


Lash training course total: $5000.00


Deposit due upon enrollment: 1000.00 (non-refundable and covers student kit fee, e-book & online student seat, and enrollment fees and registration)


Student kit : $250.00 included


E-book & Online student seat : $125 included


Monthly payment plan: $350 until balance is paid in full

(11 mo.+ 150)

5% taken off tuition when complete amount is paid in full upon enrollment

Attendance Policy

Students of LHA are required to sign an attendance agreement stating the days they intend to come in weekly, and must adhere to such agreement at all times unless otherwise authorized by the Administration. Students must be actively working towards completion of assignments weekly. If no activity has been completed whether online or in person, the student is considered to be falling behind. Unsatisfactory progress resulting from failure to meet requirements may result in warning or probation status for that student. If the student still fails to meet satisfactory progress in attendance by the next evaluation point, the student may be dismissed from the program. Students are required to complete a minimum of 65% of the assignments possible based on the applicable attendance schedule in order to be considered maintaining satisfactory attendance progress. Evaluations are conducted at the end of each evaluation period to determine if the student has met the minimum requirements. The attendance percentage is determined by dividing the total number of weeks scheduled by the total number of assignments completed. At the end of each evaluation period, LHA will determine if the student has maintained at least 65% of the completed assignments since the start date of the course, which indicates that, given the same attendance rate, the student will graduate within the maximum time frame allowed . MAXIMUM TIME FRAME The maximum time (which does not exceed 150% of the course length) allowed for students to complete each course at satisfactory progress is stated below:

Part time: 16  weeks. Maximum time: 40 weeks

Full time : 8 weeks. Maximum time: 20weeks

* TDLR requires 75% attendance to be in person learning, 25% can be done at home *

(Students who are able to complete the module by attending full time and completing the online curriculum from home in the same time frame are able to finish in 30 days)

Grading Policy

Academic progress is determined by a reasonable system of grades as determined by assigned academic learning. Students are assigned academic learning and a minimum number of practical experiences. Academic learning is evaluated after each unit of study. Practical assignments are evaluated as completed and counted toward course completion only when rated as satisfactory or better.


If the performance does not meet satisfactory requirements, it is not counted and the performance must be repeated. At least two comprehensive practical skills evaluations will be conducted during the course of study. Practical skills are evaluated according to written procedures and set forth in a practical skills evaluation criteria adopted by LHA. Students must maintain a written grade average of 70% and pass a FINAL written and practical exam prior to graduation. Students must make up failed or missed tests and incomplete assignments.

Numerical grades are considered according to the following scale:

93 - 100 EXCELLENT 

85 - 92  VERY GOOD




Graduation Requirements

Students will be eligible for state commission examination upon completion of the credit hours  of practical and theory Lash Extension training according to the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation curriculum, have completed all practical applications required by the school, passed the school written and practical exams, and have paid for tuition and any other debts due the school.

Tuition Refund Policy

The student must pay a non-refundable deposit amount of $1000 to enroll in the training program. If the student fails to start the course, the deposit can be applied to a future start date. The monthly tuition is due the same day every month as the start date. For example, if the student started on October 10, the first monthly payment would be due November 10, the second monthly payment due December 10. If the school terminates the student, or the student withdraws before 50% of the scheduled course is completed, the student will be refunded 90% pro-rated amount of the outstanding tuition, starting the day after the student’s last day of attendance, the date the school receives a written notice of withdrawal from the student, or 10 days after their last day of attendance (whichever comes first) . If the student withdraws or is terminated from the program after 50% of the scheduled course should be completed, no refund will be given. Lash Habit Academy may retain no more than $100 of the tuition amount if: (A) tuition is collected before the course of training begins; and (B) the student fails to withdraw from the course of training before the cancellation period expires.


I would recommend ‘lash habits classic eyelash extension training‘ to anyone who is interested in pursuing a professional lash career. The class gives an in depth description and hands on instruction on how to safely apply lash extensions/removal process and how to maintain the health of your clients natural eyelashes as well as how to care for your extensions at home. You will also receive a kit with the class. The kit includes ( glue, glue remover, Jade stone, glue pads to protect your jade stone, strip of practice lashes, lash trays, a fan, tweezers, eye pads, lash wands, tape, Nano mister, lash primer, lash shampoo, and a cute carrying case for all of your supplies.) once you complete the training you will receive a certificate of completion:) lunch will also be provided for the lash trainees. - Samantha P.

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