Volume Lash Extensions

Volume extensions are designed to give a fuller look, using multiple light weight extensions per lash. Volume is highly recommended for those who have sparse lashes and want a fuller look than classic extensions can give. Retention is best with these lashes!

Everyday Volume Set| $275

120-150 fans per eye (2-3D on 50 lashes per eye)
3 Hours 

Everyday Volume Fill | $75

Dramatic Volume Set | $335

180-210 fans per eye (3-4D on 60 lashes per eye)
4 Hours

Dramatic Volume Fill | $100

I have had my lashes done by Kellie now for over 3 years! I cannot tell you the countless people I have sent her way without even opening my mouth, I just had to bat my long beautiful lashes! She is the literally The BEST in San Antonio. As if that weren’t enough she also does professional makeup applications and hairstyling for special events. She recently did my makeup for my wedding and I was blown away by how flawless it turned out- in pictures too! She really is a one stop shop in the beauty department- did I mention she does spray tanning too?
— Natalie N