Why Handmade Lash Fans are the Best Choice for Your Lashes

Handmade lash extension fans are far and away the best choice when it comes to great lashes. Handmade, homemade, handcrafted…there is just something about these terms that makes a product sound better. Quite honestly, that’s because it typically is better. For handmade versus premade lash fans the same applies! With handmade fans, you will get better quality, better retention, and an overall better look.

Yes, perhaps you have seen someone with beautiful new premade lashes, but check back with her in a week and see the results. Quality over convenience is always the best choice when it comes to your beauty. Premade, may take less time and cost less, yet in the long run, the opposite is true. With premade, you may need to get a fill much sooner than with handmade costing more time and more money, and on an inferior product, that at times, can damage your lashes.

We are called lash artists for a reason, and we train to bring our lash talents to you on a superior level. That is why all lashes at Lash Habit are done with handmade fans. Not all lashes are the same, and all extensions shouldn’t be either. With handmade fans, we analyze the lash bed, as well as the length and strength of the lash we will be working with and create a look that suits your lash perfectly.

With handmade fans, we can customize the number of extensions per fan per natural lash. Everyone has a mixture of lashes in different growth stages, they may have one that is not fully grown that can handle just a lighter fan. We customize the fan for each lash, integrating your natural lash into the fan so that it becomes part of the fan. Premade lashes are just laid on top of the lash, this adds much more weight to the lash, shortening the retention.

At Lash Habit, we are also a training facility for not only our own lash experts but also other lash artists that want to learn the handmade technique. With time and practice, the handmade method can become just as simple as applying a premade fan, and we want to share this process with everyone in the field so that everyone can benefit from a beautiful set of lashes!